Delete Spam Users – WordPress plugin

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Delete Spam Users – WordPress plugin

Delete Spam Users – WordPress plugin
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wordpress pluginDelete Spam Users WordPress plugin removes users accounts (and their meta info) with no published posts AND/OR comments from your wordpress database website.

  • This WordPress plugin gives the option to remove the users that have no published posts AND/OR comments (usually spam users), based on their role.
  • After activating, you can find the plugin under “Users” menu.


  • Download the plugin and unzip it.
  • Upload the ‘no-posts-user-delete’ directory (not its contents, the whole directory) into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

screenshot 1screenshot 2You can download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory:

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Comments (3)

  • Mickael Reply


    I’m trying to do something similar but trying to find the users who do not have any COMMENT (rather than post). Could you please help me with the SQL query to achieve that? I don’t know which tables I should look…

    Thank you!

    14 iunie 2015 at 00:26
  • Pedro Reply

    Passei para agradecer pelo plugin, realmente algo que me ajudou muito. Eu tinha mais de 50 mil cadastros spammer no meu site.

    Obrigado, e considere doações em dolar, eu poderia lhe doar 2 ou 3, para agradecer.

    14 aprilie 2016 at 00:56

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