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Artio JoomSEF

Remove link in Artio JoomSEF 3.9.9 and 4.3.0

Here’s how to remove the Joomla SEO powered by JoomSEF link that comes with the free version of JoomSEF 3.9.9 and Joomla SEF URLs by Artio link that comes with the free version of JoomSEF 4.3.0. For JoomSEF 3.9.9, open up joomla1.5_root/components/com_sef/joomsef.php and around line 2624 you’ll see something similar to: $cacheBuf2 = '<div><a href="http://www.artio'. '.net/joomla-extensions/joomsef'. '" style="font-size: 8px; visib'. 'ility: visible; display: inlin'. 'e;" title="JoomSEF: Joomla SEO'. ' component for SEF URLs">Jooml'. 'a SEO powered by JoomSEF</a></'. 'div>'; You’ll simply need to [...]

Remove "Captcha by Great Joomla!"

Remove “Captcha by Great Joomla!” link from Core Design Captcha Plugin

For those who use Core Design Captcha Plugin for Joomla 2.5, here is a tip for removing the link Captcha by Great Joomla!. Go to joomla2.5_root/plugins/system/cdcaptcha/js/jquery.cdcaptcha.js and remove the entire line 93: '<div>Captcha by <a href="" target="_blank" title="Great Joomla!">Great Joomla!</a></div>' +